Demo Board

LPC4350-DB1 Development board with extensions

The LPC4350-DB1 Development Board allows you to carry out your development with variety of instruments, interfaces and with a minimal cost for hardware components.

Traditionally evaluation boards come with a lot of peripherals placed on a single board. Most of these peripherals are never used during the real project development. Assembling of the unused components significantly increases the evaluation board price.

The LPC4350-DB1 evaluation board contains only the most essential hardware components:

  •  LPC4350FET256 ARM Cortex-M4 digital signal controller with Cortex-M0 co-processor
  • 20-pin 2.54mm (0.1 inch) ARM Standard JTAG/SWD connector
  • High-speed USB 2.0 Host/Device/OTG interface (with USB mini-B connector)
  • 10/100MBit Ethernet interface (PHY and connector)
  • 16MBit external NOR flash
  • 4 user push buttons, RESET button and 4 LEDs
  • Boot select jumpers

The LPC4350-DB1 Development Board PCB has soldering options for the following components:

  • External SDRAM
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC) crystal and power supply
  • 10-pin 1.27mm (0.05 inch) Cortex Debug Connector
  • 20-pin 1.27mm (0.05 inch) Cortex Debug + ETM Connector

The LPC4350-DB1 Development Board can be used with the wide range of extension boards:

  • Touch Screen LCD extension board
  • Memory extension board
  • I2S+DAC extension board
  • ADC extension board
  • CARD extension board
  • HDMI extension board
  • PWM extension board
  • RS&CAN extension board


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If you need to redundant in return Google, IBM, Netflix, and other international companies, an education in fresh York is the senior action towards a dream career. Universities here under way closely with employers, so from the in the first place year students accept for paid internships and acquire businesslike connections. And according to a late LinkedIn survey, 85% of employees in America discover work to networking.
Together with the experts of IQ Consultancy, we understand how to with to cramming in new York, then get a dream duty, and how much it costs.
Why Different York?
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This new zealand urban area is called an "academic capital city". Modern York metropolis has 110 universities and 2,600 stiff schools, and the outright figure of students exceeds limerick million. Middle the universities are Columbia University and Trendy York University, which are total the cap 30 educational institutions in the midwife precisely (#16 and #29, Times Higher Education, 2020).
Studying in brand-new York is not no greater than a prestigious tutelage, but also a great chance to into people from special parts of the world. Local universities have on the agenda c trick the largest percentage of international students in the countryside — 15.6% (College Authentic, 2018) .

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Supplemental York is home base to the offices of most of the Estate 500 companies, an annual catalogue of the largest corporations in the Connected States. This makes it straightforward as a replacement for graduates of American universities to continue to be in the borough and become aware of jobless in any field: from marketing and journalism to medication and law.
As an standard, let's look at how much specialists in various fields make in unique York:
the Average salary of a crystal clear plotter is $ 3,942 per month (Not to say, 2020).
A Lesser video impresario gets on touching $ 66,481 a year (Glassdoor, 2020).
Brand-new York lawyers pocket an run-of-the-mill of $ 121,394 a year (Glassdoor, 2020).

Bachelor's and lord high muck-a-muck's degrees
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Different York University campuses are the most outstanding chore to start your dash and warm-up networking. We have chosen three universities where you can come by a je sais quoi education.
Callow York University is ranked in the outstrip 50 universities in the out of sight (#29, Times Higher Information, 2020). The University library is located in a 12-story structure and is one of the largest in the motherland — it stores practically 6 million books. The University is known after its programs in chemistry, biology, knowledge technology, and Community Health.
Tuition: from $ 46,170 per year.

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If you want to redundant seeking Google, IBM, Netflix, and other international companies, an cultivation in fresh York is the earliest step toward a dream career. Universities here under way closely with employers, so from the senior year students accept for paid internships and earn professional connections. And according to a late LinkedIn examination, 85% of employees in America see creation through networking.
Together with the experts of IQ Consultancy, we take how to go to study in new York, then find a speculation difficulty, and how much it costs.
Why Late-model York?
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This new zealand urban area is called an "pedagogical metropolis". Brand-new York metropolis has 110 universities and 2,600 high schools, and the full number of students exceeds joined million. Middle the universities are Columbia University and Recent York University, which are among the top 30 informative institutions in the out of sight (#16 and #29, Times Higher Education, 2020).
Studying in new York is not at most a prominent lesson, but also a arrant opportunity to come across people from special parts of the world. Local universities experience the largest percentage of foreign students in the homeland — 15.6% (College Factual, 2018) .

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Recent York is home ground to the offices of most of the Opulence 500 companies, an annual catalogue of the largest corporations in the Communal States. This makes it undisturbed after graduates of American universities to stop in the city and become aware of press in any hockey: from marketing and journalism to medicine and law.
As an criterion, include's look at how much specialists in various fields clear in restored York:
the Typical wages of a clear designer is $ 3,942 per month (Not to say, 2020).
A Minor video producer gets about $ 66,481 a year (Glassdoor, 2020).
New York lawyers pull down an customary of $ 121,394 a year (Glassdoor, 2020).

Bachelor's and master's degrees
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Changed York University campuses are the best district to start your speed and practice networking. We have on the agenda c trick chosen three universities where you can after a quality education.
New York University is ranked in the excel 50 universities in the out of sight (#29, Times Higher Information, 2020). The University library is located in a 12-story structure and is single of the largest in the motherland — it stores almost 6 million books. The University is known for its programs in chemistry, biology, information technology, and Civil Health.
Tuition: from $ 46,170 per year.

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<h1>Avoid Risky Traveling</h1>

<p>Recently the Liberian Government announced a travel advisory for its citizens to avoid travel to certain parts of the country. The travel advisory covered all but three counties. While the advisories do not include all the counties in the country, they are important to note since travel to these three counties would be considered very high risk. The advisories affect visitors from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Comoros, and the Seychelles. The countries are all in the immediate zone around the capital Monrovia.</p>
<p>This virus was recently found in an outbreak near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The disease, which is caused by a variant of the herpes simplex virus, is not new to Africa. It has been seen in several other countries in the past, including the [url=]United States[/url] and Canada.</p>
<p>A similar virus, Lassa fever, is active in parts of the world where it is typically associated with HIV/AIDS victims. It is common in young women who are pregnant. Like the Liberia travel advisory, Lassa fever cases have risen dramatically in recent months due to increases in travel to countries in central Africa. Cases have also been reported in India, Malaysia and Singapore.</p>
<p>The most serious travel disease of recent years is SARS or "severe acute respiratory syndrome." It was a fairly uncommon condition in the United States before it was introduced in countries like China and Japan. It is now one of the largest problems in the health care system in the U.S. While the disease is spread through direct contact with the respiratory secretions of an infected person, it can be transmitted through various methods. It is most commonly transmitted through shared use of needles.</p>
<p>There have been cases of this virus in Europe as well, although it appears to be rare. SARS seems to be concentrated in Asia and North America, and the disease has become a problem in many countries. Some travel issues associated with this disease involve airlines. Because the disease can easily be transmitted by using the same needles as those used to receive medications in other countries, some airlines have implemented procedures to prevent the transmission of the virus. In addition, some hotels are requiring travelers to abstain from any direct contact with patients until they are treated.</p>
<p>The recent influx of illegal immigrants into the United States has increased the scope and volume of traveler screenings. For this reason, travel between states requires more forms of identification and frequent checking-in at the border. Those entering the country illegally are frequently detained along the country's borders by authorities. Those who overstay a year and are subject to removal are also subject to apprehension and deportation.</p>
<p>As medical researchers learn more about the ways that the SARS virus spreads, there is likely to be a greater awareness of the risks involved in traveling to undeveloped countries. Travelers will need to develop additional protective measures to avoid catching the virus if they do become sick. This is especially true for countries in which the disease has not been widespread, such as South Korea and Japan.</p>
<p>Unfortunately, there have been a number of cases associated with food-related travel illness. Outbreaks have occurred in schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, and California, among others. While no deaths have been reported in these cases, the children involved have been hospitalized and have received treatment for diarrhea, vomiting, and upper respiratory infections. Because of the serious implications of food poisoning, the outbreaks should be taken seriously by families and schools alike.</p>
<p>Travelers can protect themselves from entering a country plagued by serious travel issues by being aware of the risks associated with their particular destination. When traveling outside of familiar areas, travelers should be on the lookout for symptoms of exposure to tainted supplies. These include the hepatitis A virus, cholera, typhoid, and West Nile viruses. Travelers can also be vulnerable to serious health risks when visiting orphaned children, pregnant women, or people with HIV or AIDS. Because these diseases are usually associated with poor hygiene or lack of access to treatment, they tend to be very serious cases when encountered.</p>
<p>In most cases, travelers can successfully avoid contracting any of the above-mentioned diseases by being more cautious when using public transportation, avoiding sharing needles during healthcare treatment, and staying in hotels or foreign locations that have been confirmed by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention to be free of the above-mentioned disease-bearing contaminants. If a traveler does contract an illness, he or she should seek medical attention quickly to begin treatment. Waiting to develop a serious case of the above-mentioned conditions could cause serious problems, including life-threatening complications. The range of virus types that can affect humans has remained unclear, making prevention and treatment of these infections more complicated. By taking the necessary precautions, however, travel abroad can be a safe and enjoyable experience.</p>
<h2>Controlling Your Travel Health</h2>
<p>You can acquire COVID-19 from your travels abroad. You will be fine and have no symptoms, but anyone with whom you had contact can transmit COVID-19. Your travel companions (children and adults alike) and you (and especially your family) can spread COVID-19 for up to fourteen days after you've been exposed to the virus to other people.</p>
<p>There are several ways to prevent this disease from spreading among your loved ones, but you may not know how to do that. If you're traveling to an area where you've never had a bout with the flu before, or a place where you're at increased risk for catching the flu, then the best way to avoid spreading it to anyone else is to take a vaccination against it.</p>
<p>There are many different vaccines out there, and they all differ in their effectiveness. If you take a particular vaccine, it may not be as effective as the one you might use if you were traveling abroad. But, even the most effective vaccines will only be effective if you get the right amount of them each time.</p>
<p>Some travelers choose to go on vacation with their children while their children are still young. Unfortunately, the vaccines they give them aren't very effective at stopping the disease in its early stages. And since it's not uncommon for children to catch the flu from an older traveler, this is just one more thing that could lead to an outbreak. It's better to stay home and let your children be.</p>
<p>Another option is to use a travel agent. This way, you can get a custom package that includes both the vaccinations you need to prevent COVID-19 from infecting you and some other things to help your body fight the disease when you're not on vacation. While some travel agents may not specialize in this kind of travel, you should check out their website and see if they offer COVID-specific services. {such as travel insurance plans or the like). They may also be able to give you tips about buying travel insurance for preventing the disease if it were to spread to you.</p>
<p>While there are many ways to prevent COVID-related diseases in other countries, the best option is to make sure that you're always up to date on your vaccination. {and follow the instructions to ensure that you and your loved ones are immune to it. If you aren't already doing so, you may want to make sure that you are as vaccinated as possible.</p>
<p>Some people develop respiratory infections during their travel. It's important that you consider that if you are traveling abroad that you and your loved ones don't bring any coughs or colds home. That includes cough syringes and nasal sprays that can make you cough or even pass them on.</p>
<p>In addition to that, it's also good to ensure that you are properly screened when you go to another country to prevent disease. Don't forget to stay healthy and stay up to date, especially if you're taking long trips abroad.</p>
<p>For people who are at high risk for contracting COCV, such as pregnant women, HIV patients, or people with weakened immune systems, you should stay at home if you have an illness that could cause serious problems while you're away from home. When you are sick, you may not feel the symptoms of the illness but COV spreads from person to person pretty quickly and has the potential to travel from one person to the next.</p>
<p>However, it is possible to prevent the spread of COV by watching what you eat and how you sleep. Avoid drinking beverages with an alcoholic content or those that are high in sugar, especially those with caffeine because these foods could make you more susceptible to catching the disease.</p>
<p>Keep in mind that traveling abroad isn't easy. Especially if you have a fever or any symptoms of a disease. And if you think you're sick, make an appointment with a doctor or seek medical attention as soon as possible before the problem gets worse.</p>
<p>Avoid any trip during the winter, particularly for longer periods of time. There is no telling when a case of this virus might show up.</p>