Extension Boards

LPC4350-DB1 Demoboard gives you the possibility to extend functionality by connecting expansion boards. You can connect extension boards to J5 and J6 connectors.

The are several extension boards you can mount to LPC4350 Demoboard:

  • LCD 1024x768 with PWM and GPIO - allows you to develop, debug and work with LCD screen and its brigtness level.
  • Flash and SDIO extension board - with this extension board you can obtain access to additional memory flash cards.
  • I2S+DAC Extension Board - allows you to use I2S-bus and DAC.
  • ADC extension board - extension board with ADC.
  • HDMI extension board - adds HDMI connector to your Demoboard.
  • PWM extension board - extension board with PWM.
  • RS&CAN extension board
  • Wi-Fi extension Board
  • Bluetooth Board
  • Power Board


I have 2 LPC4350-db1 boards. I am trying to use the Web example without success. There is no instructions on how to use this example. Can you please provide this to me?

Thank you

Do you compile projects by using IAR Embedded Workbench or Keil MDK-ARM? Please provide more infoemaion your issues. Also it is better to create thread at forum http://www.lpc4350.com/forum

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