Flash and SDIO Extension Board Layout

Flash Extension board allows you to connect SD/MMC flash memory cards and thus add additional memory to LPC-4350 Demoboard.

Schematics diargam can be downloaded as Extension_Schematic_Flash.pdf file.
On the following picture you can see the image of the flash extension board and and location of main components:

Extension board components:


1. Extension Board Connector Use J1 connector to plug extension board to next compatible extension board.
2. SPI Interface Connector Use J4 SPI interface connector to choose which SPI port to use (SPI0 or SPI1).
3. SPI Data Flash U1 - 1 Mbit SPI data flash.
4. Slot for SD/MMC/SDIO card J2
5. Jumper for I2C Address Selection J5
6. Demoboard Connector J3 to plug extension board to compatible LPC-4350-DB1 or LPC-1850-DB1 demoboard.