LCD demo project with Keil

I m trying THE LPC-4350-DB1 board with LCD EB-1 Extension board. I m using the Keil uVision project (and uVision ULINK2, JTAG adapter). The "LCD ExtSDRAM" project is near to work. I just need to uncomment the correct line 82 in ltv350qv.c to have this : CGU_SetDIV(CGU_CLKSRC_IDIVE, 16);
But the "LCD" demo project isn't working and I don't find where the bitmap binaries are integrated in the project or how do I have to upload those project in the ExtFlash.
Does anybody have an idea about how to make working this LCD demo project using Keil ?

Hello. There is a Keil software example for LCD demo. Please read this section for Source code organization Download sources from here and go to examples/DEMO_NAME/Keil for Keil project files.