sJTAG connector

All development boards have standard 20-pin JTAG connectors. This connector provides access to SWD (Serial Wire Debug) and JTAG signals. This type of connector has been used for many years and it is available on the most JTAG probes.

On the Demoboard the standard JTAG connector is marked as J1.

If your JTAG probe does not support the standard JTAG connector, you can mount either the J8 or J9 connector.



small j-tag connector

The 10-pin (0.05") cortex debug connector is very small, but it carries both Serial Wire and JTAG interfaces.


Cortex Debug+ETM

ARM cortex ETM connector

The Cortex Debug+ETM connector interface can access the Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) TRACECLK and TRACEDATA signals. The four TRACEDATA signals provide a high-speed data path for capturing instructions.