Source Code Organization

The examples source code for both LPC43xx and LPC18xx processors is organized the same way. After you download and unpack the source code from the web site (, you will see 5 folders:

LPC43xx examples folders

  • The Boards folder contains the demoboard specific files. These files define the on-board LEDs and buttons.  It also contains drivers for the demoboard that are not part of the CMSIS-Compliant Standard Peripheral Firmware Driver Library (e.g. external SDRAM).
  • The Core and Drivers folders contain the corresponding parts of the LPC43xx (or LPC18xx) CMSIS-Compliant Standard Peripheral Firmware Driver Library.
  • The Examples folder contains source code of examples for LPC4350-DB1, LPC4357-DB1 and LPC1850-DB1 development boards. In the following sections we will examine these examples in detail.
  • The Linker folder contains flash loaders and linker configuration files for IAR Embedded Workbench and KEIL Embedded Development Tools for ARM.

Example Folder Organization

Let's look at the Examples folder in more detail. Each example has its own subfolder:

LPC43xx example folders

Example is organized the following way:


  • The primary example files (main.c, config.h, etc.) are located in the root of the example folder.
  • There are separate subfolders for every development environment project files:
    • EWARM folder contains project and workspace files for IAR Embedded Workbench.
    • Keil folder contains project and workspace files for KEIL Embedded Development Tools for ARM.
  • Additional subfolders can be present if the example uses third-party libraries -  the easyweb and usbd subfolders in the Combined Demo example.

Examples Project Files for IAR Embedded Workbench

The EWARM folder contains 3 files:

LPC43xx IAR example project files

  • The *.ewd file contains debugger settings.
  • The *.ewp is a project file.
  • The *.eww is a workspace file. Workspace contains one or several projects. User should open this file to run an example.

Examples Project Files for KEIL Embedded Development Tools for ARM 

The Keil folder for most examples contain 2 files:

lpc43xx example for keil

  • The *.uvopt file contains the environment settings for current project.
  • The *.uvproj is a project file. User should open this file to run an example.

Some of the examples consist of multiple projects. The workspace file (*.uvmpw) is present in this case.



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